The ICFF African Innovators Mentorship Program

This African Innovators Mentorship Program is a Pan African mentorship program designed to bring together young engineers and innovators based in Africa with collaborative organisations and individuals who are eager to work with young innovators to help them accelerate their innovations and provide professional elements to be a successful entrepreneur and take their innovation or products to a pan-African and global market.

For the first edition, the program will seek to empower 10 African Innovators with projects in tech, engineering, agriculture or any other field.   Prospective applicants should be ambitious and enthusiastic innovators between the ages of 15 and 32 years who develop products that have the ability to solve some of Africa’s major problems, a passion to solve problems in general practice. 

Our Mentors are successful African innovators and businessmen residing within and outside Africa. Each mentee will have three mentors: One providing mentorship on the specific Engineering/Technical skills, another guiding on business management and growth strategy and another Mentor providing Guidance on Marketing and Sales.  

At the end of the Program, the ICFF and mentors in collaboration with the Mentees will seek to pitch the Mentees projects to foreign organisations, companies or assist the mentee to start a business which can employ several other Africans.