The iCUBEFARM Foundation’s flagship programs strive to empower young people in their
endeavour to be Employable & Entrepreneurial


Practical Digital Skills Program

The ICFF Digital Skills program will seek to bring together 50 youths from Equatorial Guinea who want to gain self-employment and start SMEs businesses in the digital domain. Digital literacy is a requirement for every working-age population. The iCUBEFARM’s Digital skills Program will train Equatorial Guinea youths on vital skillsets for the future of work within a 5 days period and will provide the necessary depth and breadth to ensure our participants are digitally literate in all aspects of their jobs.


Annual Internship & Temporary Job Placement Program

Through the Annual Internship and Temporary Job Placement Program, the ICFF will be partner with numerous Pan-African companies operating across key African markets, the iCUBEFARM Foundation organises an Annual Internship and Temporary Placement (AITP) in its endeavour to provide entry-level professionals with opportunities to gain exposure to the corporate world and business practices and foster career-building opportunities.


The ICFF African Innovators Mentorship Program

This African Innovators Mentorship Program is a Pan African mentorship program designed to bring together young engineers and innovators based in Africa with collaborative organisations and individuals who are eager to work with young innovators to help them accelerate their innovations and provide professional elements to be a successful entrepreneur and take their innovation or products to a pan-African and global market.



The Entrepreneurial Training is a short and intensive training program organised by the iCUBEFARM Foundation. The program equally implores the use of digital solutions and focuses on developing essential business and leadership skills for young entrepreneurs from Equatorial Guinean and other Countries within the CEMAC subregion in a bid to enable them to boost their perspicacity of local and international business practices and encourage business growth.



The iCUBEFARM Foundation’s Annual Employability & Career Development (AECD) program seeks to identify and train over 1000 African youths within a period of 5 years, equipping them, through the application of digital as well as non-digital solutions, with essential and transferable communication, critical thinking, positive self-concept, social skills and leadership skills which will render them professionally competent and enterprising. Priority will be given to youths from disadvantaged regions with high levels of unemployment in Sub Saharan Africa.

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