Education Training

The development of core skills for work cannot be undermined and remains a crucial component of employability and entrepreneurship. Therefore, we seek to develop programs that focus on cultivating skills already honed through, as well as those that focus on teaching employability skills. This is done by providing young professionals with the training tools, resources and high-quality learning solutions necessary to further their career development or to establish entrepreneurship ventures.

Career Development

We provide tailored career development seminars and events which bring together successful esteemed professionals whose success stories encourage young people to make informed decisions about future career prospects and business ventures, thus serving as an inspiration to entry and mid-level professionals.


We support young professionals and entrepreneurs to identify and execute innovative solutions and techniques for employment and entrepreneurship in rural and urban communities. We nurture entrepreneurship ideas by providing prime training for the acquisition of essential knowledge and skills, which will enable youth to handle the challenges associated with operating their enterprises successfully. We streamline our tools and resources to provide high-quality capacity building and empowerment training programs.


Corporate Environmental Responsibility is core to our mission and values, as, we enhance communication within our network of youths by eliminating the need for paper processes while boosting efficiency through the provision of digital solutions.


We work with our partners and within our networks to provide opportunities in selected business ventures and professions for practical training, contributions to production and classroom training; thereby enabling candidates to gain valuable qualifications required within most regulated professions. We encourage the increase of labour force participation and the bridging of the work skills gap while practicing gender equality and encouraging gender diversity through our apprenticeship programs.


We strive to bridge the gender gap to ensure that young men and women alike have access to decent employment in conditions of dignity, safety, and fairness. Statistics from a study carried out by the International Labour Organization (ILO) reveals that an overwhelming number of women prefer to work in paid jobs rather than engage in stereotypical female roles. We aim to enforce equal opportunity and gender equality, and by promoting equal pay, empowering females to pursue the same highly-skilled and high-value careers as men and encourage the enforcement of measures that eliminate workplace discrimination.