About iCUBEFARM.com

ICUBEFARM.com is a pan-African Professional Network and employment-oriented portal that provides businesses, active professionals and job seekers with a common digital platform wherein they can meet, interact, share information, grow professionally and gain employment.

Committed to the highest ethical standards and unequivocally complies with and data privacy requirements. iCUBEFARM advocates for local content and in all we do, we relentlessly strive to ensure equal opportunity for all job seekers whom seek employment use our job portal.


Today, the iCUBEFARM.com portal counts over 300 businesses registered on its directory and benefiting from the numerous opportunities provided by this membership. In effect, our directory and associated corporate services provide Users with reliable insight, professional networking opportunities and gives them the opportunity to list information about their current business operations, their expansion activities and gives them the opportunity to directly source service providers and human capital in markets where they may not have physical presence.

On the other hand, we have an active and increasing database of slightly over 6,500 Curriculum Vitaes (CVs) from ambitious young men and women from all over Africa seeking opportunities to join companies in skilled and unskilled positions. In this regard, the iCUBEFARM.com portal provides active professionals and job seekers with the possibility to directly get notification on available jobs and apply instantaneously.