Annual Internship & Temporary Job Placement Program

Through the Annual Internship and Temporary Job Placement Program, the ICFF will be partner with numerous Pan-African companies operating across key African markets, the iCUBEFARM Foundation organises an Annual Internship and Temporary Placement (AITP) in its endeavour to provide entry-level professionals with opportunities to gain exposure to the corporate world and business practices and foster career-building opportunities.

For the first year, the program will seek to offer 10 African Graduate students a unique opportunity to acquire professional skills in different fields by providing them with the best available internship opportunities within the African Continent or abroad. Young university graduates will be selected and sponsored for Professional Internship or Temporary Placement programs at Pan-African companies based in key economic hubs across Africa for a period of three (3) or six (6) months. The Foundation and Partner Companies /organisations will ensure that selected candidates are empowered with a mix of soft and hard skills which are most relevant to bolster professional performance and corporate activity across Africa.  

Generally, placements are done for entry-level positions in the following areas: Human Resource, Banking, Finance, Accounting, Law, Fashion Design, Journalism & Communication, Administration, Business Strategy, Infrastructure, Engineering, ICT, Photography, Music and Art.