We provide opportunities to young

African Professionals & Entrepreneurs

Providing opportunities for underprivileged young people

The iCUBEFARM Foundation is a philanthropic organization devoted to identifying development issues and providing digital solutions, empowering young African professionals and entrepreneurs in their endeavour to secure sustainable employment, business opportunities and ultimately financial independence.

Through the implementation of sustainable initiatives, we aim to develop and oversee projects that benefit groups of underprivileged young people across the African Continent.

As a pan-African organisation, our objective is to create and innovate digital solutions by bridging the gap between individuals who propagate and influence positive change and individuals seeking to be uplifted by this change. We are keen on addressing the root causes of the problems faced by jobseekers, young professionals, and aspiring entrepreneurs, and consequently providing sustainable and effective solutions to these problems.

We design impactful programs

Accordingly, our programs are designed, taking into consideration historical, cultural, and societal realities of the daily lives of the young people we seek to impact. We study the existing loopholes in the educational, professional, and entrepreneurial training systems adopted by policymakers, stakeholders, and other NGOs that work in these societies. In a bid to address these challenges, we devise tailored, sustainable programs and digital strategies with the aim of bolstering youth employment, effective human capital management, skill acquisition for self-employment, entrepreneurial education, etc.

Resultantly, we come up with sustainable and tailored programs that seek to bolster youth employment, effective human capital management, skill acquisition for self-employment, entrepreneurial education, etc.

Our Value

As an organisation which strives to support young people who are in dire need of opportunities to get a job, grow a career or create or grow a business for their benefit and that of their communities, our core values are;


We are committed to attaining success and executing our programs within the highest attainable standards, ensuring that every beneficiary is directly impacted and empowered to earn a sustainable living.


We vehemently believe in the creativity and ingenuity of Africa’s youth and are audacious in our support for their initiatives. Our programs are tailored to aid in the development of associated skills that could consequently enable the attainment of financial independence.


We are building trust within our network by consistently designing and executing programs that are recurring and wide-reaching, thus having a real impact in the lives of our beneficiaries - young people across the African continent.